AI Tools Weekly: Animate, Voice and Create AI Influencers

Transform Your Content Creation with These AI Tools

Hello, fellow content creators! This week's roundup is packed with AI tools that you’ll have to see to believe. Brace yourselves.

Best AI Tools This Week

LottieFlies - Say goodbye to complex animation software! LottieFlies' AI Motion Copilot makes animating icons and graphics a breeze. No more diving into After Effects or Apple Motion just let the AI handle the keyframes for you.

ElevenLabs Voiceover Studio - Up your audio game with ElevenLabs' new Voiceover Studio. Create professional voiceovers and sound effects, perfect for your YouTube videos, podcasts, or any content requiring dynamic audio.

Butterflies AI - Enter the future of social media with Butterflies AI. This new platform allows you to create and manage your own AI influencers. Watch as your AI personas post, engage, and grow your social media presence automatically.

BONUS: Riverside FM - Not only can you create stunning audio content, but Riverside FM's new features also include multi-track editing and AI-powered tools for a polished podcast or video.

BONUS: Runway Gen-3 Alpha - Get a sneak peek at the cutting-edge capabilities of Runway Gen-3 Alpha for high-quality video generation. This tool excels in creating expressive human characters, realistic actions, and a wide range of customizable video elements.

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