AI Tools Weekly: Audio Uploads, AI Video Editing, Mindblowing Morphs

AI's Explosive Expansion into Content Creation

Hey creators! This week, we've got some explosive updates that are sure to take your projects to new heights. Let's dive in!

Best AI Tools This Week

Udio - This incredible audio AI tool just got even better! Udio now allows you to upload your own audio files and generate extensions using the style of music you upload. If you'd like a custom AI jingle made using our own 100% copyright safe music, try out our new service at Music Radio Creative!

Descript Underlord - Descript's AI assistant, Underlord, is a true powerhouse. From green screen removal to automated social media post generation, this tool has everything you need to streamline your video workflow. Plus, it can even help you brainstorm ideas on the fly!

Krea AI - Prepare to have your mind blown by Krea AI's latest feature: Keyframe Strength. This tool allows you to create mind bending video morphs with just a few prompts, taking your visual effects to a whole new level of trippy goodness.

Bonus AI Updates


The innovative KLING model, previewed by Chinese tech giant Kuaishou, is making waves with its ability to generate realistic, high-resolution videos up to two minutes long. - Exciting things are brewing at Riverside, the go-to platform for podcasters and video creators. They've teased an upcoming webinar on June 17th, hinting at major AI powered updates, including a partnership with ElevenLabs for audio enhancement features.

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