AI Tools Weekly: Dub Videos, Generate Music Locally, AI Powered Forms

AI Tools for Dubbing, AI Music and Audience Feedback

Hey creators!

Get ready to take your content to new heights with these new AI tools. From dubbing videos in your voice to generating music offline and designing interactive AI forms - take a look!

Standout AI Tools This Week

ElevenLabs Dubbing Studio - Transform your videos into multiple languages while keeping your original voice! This powerful dubbing studio lets you edit transcripts, tweak audio timing, and export professional quality dubbed videos. Perfect for reaching global audiences.

MusicGPT - Run your own private AI music generator locally, even without an internet connection! This open source project allows you to create custom tracks by providing text prompts. Supports various genres and instruments.

FormShare - Design interactive AI powered forms that provide a personalized experience. FormShare uses generative AI to engage respondents through a conversational interface, making data collection more intuitive.

Bonus: Event Highlights for Creators

The Podcast Show (London) - I attended this podcasting event and hosted a panel on AI powered podcasting tools. The community is buzzing about AI's potential to enhance show notes, audio editing, transcriptions and more.

Microsoft Build (Seattle) - Microsoft announced new Copilot+ PCs powered by NPU (Neural Processing Units) chips optimized for AI workloads. Brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo will offer NPU systems starting at $1,099. The NPUs will accelerate AI features in creative apps like Adobe’s Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve Studio, CapCut, djay Pro and more!

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