AI Tools Weekly: Expressive Avatars, AI Image Editing, AI Shorts

AI Avatars, Photoshop AI, AI B-roll for Shorts

Hey, content creators! The AI space is moving at lightning speed, and this week's roundup showcases some incredible tools for our creations.

Cutting Edge AI Tools This Week

Synthesia AI Avatars - Expressive AI avatars in over 130 languages with Synthesia's brand new technology. Create engaging videos with customizable avatars that display human-like emotions and facial expressions.

Adobe Photoshop Beta - Adobe continues its AI innovation with new features in the Photoshop Beta, powered by their new Firefly Image 3 model. Generate AI images from scratch, swap faces (nearly), remove backgrounds, and apply AI powered adjustments with incredible results.

Exemplary AI - Automate your shorts workflow with this new AI short clip generator. This tool transcribes, summarizes, and even generates AI b-roll footage to complement your videos. A must-have for busy creators.

Bonus: AI and Podcasting on YouTube

In a recent interview, Johanna Voolich, YouTube's Chief Product Officer hinted at upcoming AI features to enhance the podcasting experience on the platform. This includes potential AI visualization for audio podcasts and better content discovery leveraging YouTube's powerful search capabilities.

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