AI Tools Weekly: Figma Slides, Captions App, ElevenLabs Reader

Incredible Presentation, Video Editing and Reader Tools

Hello, fellow content creators! This week's roundup is stacked up with AI tools that are set to transform how we work. Let's dive in!

Best AI Tools This Week

Figma Slides - Figma has just launched their AI presentation tool, Figma Slides. With speaker note integration, seamless collaboration, design consistency, and audience engagement features like live polls. It's free for the rest of 2024, so don't miss out!

Captions App - Mobile video editing just got a whole lot easier with the Captions app's new AI edit feature. Create stunning vertical video shorts with custom graphics, B-roll, transitions, and zooms - all added instantly by AI. Perfect for content creation on the go!

ElevenLabs Reader - ElevenLabs has released a new mobile app that turns any text into speech. Simply paste a link or text, choose your voice (including your own cloned voice), and listen to high quality narration. It’s brilliant for audio first learners and content consumers.

BONUS: Adobe Premiere Pro v24.5 - Adobe's latest update brings Enhance Speech improvements using normalization to Premiere Pro.

BONUS: Claude 3.5 Sonnet - Anthropic's latest AI model is now my daily driver for content creation tasks. Its improved capabilities and understanding make it an invaluable tool for creators.

BONUS: Riverside HD Live Streaming Studio - Riverside has upped their game with a new HD live streaming studio. Connect multiple accounts, go live with ease, and get show notes, chapters, and vertical shorts automatically generated after your stream. It's a powerful all-in-one solution for live content creators.

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