AI Tools Weekly: Google AI Updates, ChatGPT-4o, No-Code Chatbots

New Google AI Tools, ChatGPT is "Her", Free Chatbot Maker

Hey, fellow creators!

Buckle up because this week's AI tools roundup is a wild ride. Announcements from tech giants like Google and OpenAI, along with a hidden gem that allows you to create a chatbot trained on your own content for free.

Best AI Tools This Week

Google AI Tools - Get ready to have your mind blown! Google revealed DJ mode in MusicFX, a real-time music generation tool that lets you mix and blend different genres on the fly. They also introduced Imagen 3 in ImageFX, delivering incredible visuals and even the ability to edit generated images with natural language prompts.

ChatGPT-4o - OpenAI's latest offering, ChatGPT-4o, boasts voice capabilities and improved accuracy. One standout feature is its ability to analyze transcripts and suggest sections to trim for more engaging podcasts or videos. - This newcomer from Kajabi allows you to create your own chatbot in a matter of seconds, without any coding required. Train it using your existing content (like YouTube videos) and voilà – you've got a lead generation and customer support powerhouse!

Bonus: New Podcast Interviewing Creators Using AI

Follow the Creator Magic podcast on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. First guest coming up next week will be Nick Nimmin who drops a ton of value for YouTubers looking to thrive on the platform with his AI tool recommendations and ideas.

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