AI Tools Weekly: Mobile AI Creation, Superior Transcription, New Open Source AI

Adobe Express Mobile App, Assembly AI's Universal-1, and Meta's Llama 3

Hey, content creators! This week, we're exploring a mobile app that puts AI in your pocket, a transcription tool that outperforms industry giants, and a powerful open source language model.

Featured AI Tools This Week

Adobe Express Mobile App - Create stunning visuals on the go with Adobe's mobile app updated this week with generative AI features. Generate images from text prompts, remove backgrounds, apply mesmerizing text effects, and more – all from your smartphone or tablet.

Assembly AI's Universal-1 - Upgrade your transcription game with this cutting-edge tool, touted as superior to OpenAI's Whisper. Enjoy accurate multilingual transcriptions, summarization, topic detection, and sentiment analysis capabilities.

Meta's Llama 3 - This new open source language model was just released by Meta. Generate video titles, descriptions, tags, and even ask it to research topics. Explore what Llama 3 can do for content creation.

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