AI Tools Weekly: Music Visuals, Custom Voices, Talking Avatars

AI Music Videos, Voice Designer and Adobe Express Plugin

Hey creators! This week's roundup features some incredible AI tools to take your audio, video, and animation projects to new heights. Let's dive in!

Incredible AI Tools This Week

Noisee - generate stunning visuals to accompany your AI generated music tracks. Simply provide Noisee with your audio file and a prompt, and it will create amazing animations perfectly synced to your composition. Perfect for sharing on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and other social platforms.

Replica - Bring your characters to life with Replica's powerful AI voice generator. Use text prompts to create unique, expressive voices for animations, games, podcasts, and more. Replica has secured deals with major industry unions, ensuring your creations are commercially safe.

Neiro AI Avatars - Create engaging talking avatar videos directly within Adobe Express using the Neiro AI add-on. Simply select an avatar, enter your script, and Neiro will generate a lip-synced video you can easily customize with backgrounds, effects, and more.

Bonus: AI Music Updates

ElevenLabs has teased an upcoming AI music generation API, allowing creators to compose complete songs from text prompts.

Udio has introduced subscriptions and an inpainting feature for audio, making their AI music tool even more powerful and accessible.

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