AI Tools Weekly: Perplexity Pages, ViewStats & AI Music Generators

The Internet Just Got Smarter

Hey creators!

Buckle up, because this week's AI tools are about to shake up the internet as we know it. Get ready to dive into the future of knowledge sharing, YouTube optimization, and updated AI models for music generation.

The AI Tools Taking the Internet by Storm

Perplexity Pages - Imagine being able to turn any query into a fully-fledged knowledge page, curated with AI. That's exactly what Perplexity Pages offers, potentially disrupting blogs, wikis, and how we consume information online.

ViewStats - Created by none other than MrBeast, this tool gives you an inside look at the best-performing YouTube videos, lets you A/B test thumbnails based on what top creators are doing, and so much more. Optimize your channel like a pro!

Suno & Udio - The AI music generation wars are heating up! Suno now offers 4 minute song creation, better sond structure and vocal flow, and soon, the ability to generate music from any sound input. Meanwhile, Udio's latest model unlocks 2 minute songs with one prompt, lyric strength control, and more.

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